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Do you have pending bills to pay urgently? Must be having some expenditure that cannot wait to settle? All that matters now is arranging an urgent sum of cash from a reliable source to deal with the financial emergency.

You might have noticed above that we have given special emphasis on the word, "reliable source", which means arranging a much-needed sum of cash from a lender and then pay your bills in a hassle-free manner.

If you look carefully over the internet, then there are tons of loan lenders available for you to arrange instant sums of cash.

But, what if you have a bad credit profile and feel scared to get your loan rejected from the hands of a traditional lender?

For this case itself, we recommend you apply for a guaranteed approval loan for poor credit holders in Canada. With it implies the loan available for bad credit holders like you who do not need to go under the cumbersome credit check procedure. And, arrange short-term funds for a small period of time and pay back in easy installments.

To bring more light on guaranteed approval loans for poor credit, we have divided this important information into the following few sections.

  • What is a bad credit loan in Canada?
  • Is the loan approval really guaranteed for bad credit holders?
  • Key benefits of poor credit loans?
  • How can you determine your actual credit score?
  • How does lender evaluate your credit position?

What is a Bad Credit Loan in Canada?

In case, you have been turned down by a loan lender because of having negative scores in your credit profile, then you have been termed as a bad credit holder.

You must be having a remembrance of previous credit card bills, unpaid loans, or any other payment you have not made in the past. And, due to this only, your borrowing profile has been marked as poor and unreliable in the eyes of traditional loan lenders.

This is not the case you see with online loan lenders offering guaranteed approval for poor credit holders. Here, you will not be judged on the basis of past non-payment records.

Instead, based on your current monthly income, scheduled set of expenditures, and ability to repay the loan on time, you will be considered eligible for a short-term loan offer.

So, you need not despair about your negative or low credit score in the profile. When you find guaranteed approval for bad credit holders, chances are high that you will get the approval and sum of cash anywhere in between $500 to $5000 for a period of few months.

Is the Loan Approval Really Guaranteed for Bad Credit holders?

Now, comes the most obvious dilemma in the minds of borrowers like you and i.e. is the loan really guaranteed for poor credit holders like us?

In reality, there is no such thing as getting guaranteed funds from any place. All that matters is your ability to prove your eligibility for the financial offer.

Under the realm of bad credit loans with guaranteed approval in Canada, you have to prove your repaying capacity, a permanent state of citizenship in any province in Canada, proof of monthly income, and age proof. So, if everything goes well, you will definitely get the approval in a matter of a short time.

Coming back to the term, "guaranteed", the one thing guaranteed here is still getting considered for the loan offer as compared to traditional loans. You will not be judged based on your previous unsuitable financial records. Moreover, you will be given a chance to prove your ability to repay and guarantee not to go under the tedious credit checking process.

Check Out the Key Benefits

Versatile & Flexible Financial Offer: Unlike any other loan, no credit check loans in Canada do not require you to explain the reason for borrowing the money. It is totally up to your decision to spend the loan money wherever you feel like it. Also, the loan is versatile for bad credit holders to even pay off previous unpaid credit to improve their financial position.

No Credit History Required: No need to face the hassle like of a traditional lender where you will be asked to go under the credit check probe. Because sometimes it takes time to evaluate your credit history and if by chance anything comes up negative, then you will be straightaway rejected. However, it is the complete opposite with guaranteed approval for poor credit holders.

Easy Access to Loan: Another benefit to look for is the easy online application of the loan as compared to the cumbersome physical process at the traditional bank. You can apply for this monetary offer whenever and wherever you feel like, even from your handy smartphone.

Speedy Approval: No need to go under credit check process, no documentation, no more hours of waiting, and making several rounds to the bank are all clear signs of getting a speedy loan approval

Chance to Improve Credit Score: Most importantly, this short-term loan is your chance to improve your affected credit score. Just imagine what you can do with the loan amount and i.e. to pay the previous debts and bring your credit score higher to become once again a reliable borrower.

Determine your Actual Credit Score by Self

The discussion on guaranteed approval for bad credit holders is incomplete without talking about the credit scores.

A credit score is everything that showcases your creditability to avail an external financial offer. Mainly credit bureaus determine your credit score by looking at your financial profile. There are three major credit bureaus in Canada that check your financial position. The names of agencies are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

Another important thing to understand is the credit scoring model i.e. the actual score you have the profile that will showcase whether you are a good, fair, or a bad credit holder.

Agencies like FICO and Experian have different credit scoring profiles and online lenders follow either of the ones to determine your fiscal position.

So, here we provide your credit scoring model of both the scoring agencies.

FICO Score

Below 580 Poor
580-669 Fair
670-739 Good
739-799 Very Good
800+ Exceptional

Experian Score

300-499 Very Poor
500-600 Poor
601-660 Fair
661-780 Good
781-850 Excellent

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get An Instant Loan Approval?

There is a difference between getting loan approval and instant loan approval. The term instant comes where all your documents are valid, you meet the eligibility criteria in the first place, the lender looks at your loan application immediately and approves the same, and they did not check your credit profile.

How Much Is The Maximum Amount I Can Borrow?

There is a maximum limit of $5000 you can apply for bad credit loans in Canada. That too depends on your current financial position and ability to repay the loan will on time.

Is The Loan Unsecured In Nature?

Yes, it is an unsecured, or what we best say is no collateral loan for bad credit holders. In any way, lenders will not ask you to submit something like extra cash, jewelry, property documents, or any personal asset as collateral.

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